We are unsure when the Carnoustie Mercantile Golf Club was formed as early records are scarce, but one of our first captains was Robert Millar, known familiarly as ''Wheeplin Bobby'' because of his habit of going about whistling to himself, he is also recognised as the ''Father of Club Golf'' in Carnoustie.

His golfing record includes the winning of the Subscription Medal in 1845

He died in 1873 aged 75.

Carnoustie Mercantile Golf Club was of course made up from the local merchants in Carnoustie and in its early years, held meetings and functions in local halls and tea rooms in the town. The Club also ran open sweepstakes for years which provided funds for the Club. It is also noted in an early minute book the Club held competitions on the second course now known as the Burnside to decide handicaps for new and non-members of other Clubs.

In March 1933 the Secretary J C Ramsay wrote to the Carnoustie Golf Club asking if they could have the use of the Club Notice board and score card box on Tuesday of each week to allow them to pay Club competitions. The Club used the Carnoustie Golf Club as a base from 1933 until 1968 when moving into its own Clubhouse for the first time in over a hundred years. The Club quickly grew and boasted a membership of over a thousand including a ladies section. Sadly in 1991 membership declined and the Club who paid a commercial rent to the Carnoustie Links Management found it unaffordable and moved into the Brax Hotel Carnoustie. this was not a success and did not last long.

The Club has come full circle back to it early days having its meetings and functions in local hotels and Golf Clubs.